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No Diet Day

In case you missed it, Friday the 6th of May was International No Diet Day but what is this day about and why do we celebrate it?

Why do we have this day?

International No Diet Day is to celebrate body acceptance and diversity within our community. It is a day that raises awareness of the potential dangers of dieting and the questionability of success they have.

Instead, it promotes that health doesn’t have a look, that health can look different on everyone and how supporting your health in a way that feels right for you is best.

Origins of International No Diet Day.

This day was first started by Mary Evans Young in 1992. Mary Evans Young is the director of “Diet Breakers” and the author of many books explaining why ditching the diets allows people to focus time and effort into other activities that matter more to them such as jobs, family and friends.

The first International No Diets Day was celebrated with a picnic and friends and followers of Mary adoring stickers promoting individuals to “Ditch That Diet”.

Goals of the Day.

Since 1992 the day has evolved dramatically. The goals of the day in modern society are to:

  • Challenge the idea of “correct” body shape.
  • Raise awareness of the futility of the diet industry and the harm it causes.
  • Help raise awareness of and end weight discrimination, sizeism and fatphobia.
  • And of course, DITCH THE DIETS.

Unfortunately, the diet and wellness industry, of course, don’t appreciate the movement and who can blame them. The diet industry is worth tens of billions of dollars and if people are becoming aware that it doesn’t work then the bottom line is they take a hit in profits and that’s not good for business. So, what is their solution, join the fight but only enough to still stick true to their dieting ways.

How you ask?

Ever heard of a cheat day when you have been on a diet? Well in the diet industry International No Diets Day is considered a cheat day which is not in the original spirit of the day.

It doesn’t matter if you missed International No Diet Day because everyday is a good day to ditch your diet and start working on a more positive version of you!

Need help? Book a consultation with a dietitian at My Physio My Health today to get a head start on next year’s international No Diet Day.