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What Exactly Is Dry Needling?

Often confused with acupuncture due to the presence of, well, needles, dry needling or intramuscular manual therapy is a technique which is largely used in Western medicine. In a nutshell, dry needling is an invasive treatment where a licensed therapist inserts a number of “dry” needles in the skin, targeting a specific muscle spot or, as it is named, a trigger point.

The filament needle is a fine, thin one, and the process is called “dry” because it does not include additional medication or injections.

Trigger points are specific taut bands of muscles, found deep into a larger muscular area. These points can cause allodynia, meaning “pain in another place” in Greek. As suggested by its name, it means that these points can cause pain to other areas they are related to.

Hence, once this trigger point is targeted and stimulated correctly it can help relieve the pain and discomfort a person feels in other muscle areas.

What’s The Difference Between Acupuncture & Dry Needling?

The biggest difference between dry needling and acupuncture is the fact that the first is used in Western medicine and performed by licensed physicians, while the latter is mostly related to Eastern philosophy and medicine and performed by acupuncturists.

At MyPhysio MyHealth, dry needling is performed by medical professionals, and we make sure that all appropriate conditions are met so that your therapy is effective and totally risk-free!

What Can It Help Me With?

Dry needling is mainly used to alleviate body pains and musculoskeletal conditions, greatly helping with mobility and muscle restoration. It can also aid with stressed muscles, soreness, neck pain, arthritis, back pain, and also headaches and similar irritations.

For optimum results, most professionals combine it with physiotherapy sessions and restoration exercises. What’s more, dry needling does not interfere with your regular, prescribed medication – on the contrary, it can support your muscles and maximize your medication’s effects.

Are There Any Side Effects I Should Know About?

Due to the fact that the needles stimulate trigger points, there is a slight chance that you may experience a bit of muscle ache during the session. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient’s skin mild redness and bruising around the insertion area have also been mentioned. There is no indication that any of these occurrences are permanent or dangerous to your overall health.

However, similar to any medical procedure, all safety precautions and sanitary measures must be taken, e.g. sterile needles are to be used for each and every therapy session, which is exactly what we do at MyPhysio MyHealth, since your health is our primary goal.

In case you require any further assistance or are wondering about the hows or whys of dry needling, we are at your disposal – all you need to do is contact us and we will walk you through the process as best as possible!