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Knee Physio

At My Physio My Health, knee injuries are a frequent concern among our patients. Our skilled team excels in diagnosing and treating a diverse array of knee conditions, ranging from sports injuries, short-term inflammatory conditions, and chronic arthritic changes. The knee, a critical weight-bearing joint, is prone to various injuries and ailments. We often see patients with symptoms varying from mild discomfort to severe pain and mobility issues.

Our Treatment Approach

We believe every knee injury is unique and requires a customised treatment plan. Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the exact cause of the knee problem. Our treatment strategies may include:

joint movement

Hands-on therapy to reduce pain and enhance joint movement


Customised exercise programs to build strength and stability in the knee


Stretching and mobility exercises to improve joint function


Identifying and addressing weaknesses in the hip or ankle which may contribute to excessive knee stress


Assessment of the function of the kneecap and its role in knee pain


Guidance on modifying activities to prevent additional injury and aid healing


Use of treatments like ultrasound or laser therapy when appropriate

Our Commitment to Recovery

At My Physio My Health, our goal is to enable our patients to return to their everyday activities safely and promptly. We focus on providing immediate pain relief as well as long-term solutions to prevent future knee problems.