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Hip Physio

Hip conditions are frequently treated at My Physio My Health. Our proficient team specialises in diagnosing and managing a wide spectrum of hip-related issues, from acute injuries to age-related degeneration. The hip, a key joint in the body, is susceptible to a variety of injuries and conditions. Patients often come to us with symptoms ranging from minor discomfort to severe pain and mobility issues.

Our Treatment Approach

We recognise the individual nature of each hip condition and provide personalised treatment plans. Our process includes a thorough evaluation to identify the exact cause of the hip issue. Our treatment strategies may involve


Manual therapy to alleviate hip pain and enhance joint function.


Balance training to improve awareness and dynamic control of the hip.

joint stability

Custom exercise programs to strengthen hip muscles and improve joint stability.

modifying activities

Advice on modifying activities to prevent further injury and facilitate recovery.


Utilisation of modalities like ultrasound or hydrotherapy as needed.

Our Commitment to Recovery

At My Physio My Health, we are dedicated to helping our patients return to their normal activities safely and promptly. We focus on providing immediate pain relief and long-term solutions to prevent future hip problems.