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Wrist Physio

Wrist injuries and conditions are a common area of focus at My Physio My Health. Our team excels in diagnosing and treating various wrist issues, from carpal tunnel syndrome to sprains and fractures. The wrist’s intricate structure and constant use in daily activities make it prone to a range of problems. We often see patients with symptoms varying from mild discomfort to severe pain and functional limitations.

Our Treatment Approach

Each wrist condition is unique, and we offer customised treatment plans. Our process begins with a detailed assessment to diagnose the specific wrist problem. Our treatment plan might include


Manual therapy for pain relief and improved wrist function.

improve flexibility

Tailored exercise programs to strengthen and stabilise the wrist and improve flexibility.


Addressing thumb, elbow, and shoulder weaknesses which may contribute to wrist instability.

modifying activities

Recommendations on activity modification to prevent further injury and aid recovery.


Application of therapeutic modalities like ultrasound or splinting as necessary.

Our Commitment to Recovery

At My Physio My Health, our aim is to assist our patients in returning to their daily activities as safely and swiftly as possible. We provide immediate relief from pain and focus on long-term strategies to prevent re-injury and maintain wrist health.