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So, hi guys, this is Abhilasha. I'm going to talk about this spiky ball today. And this one is on sale this month. It's just $10 if you want to buy it from the front desk. This ball is generally too easy to carry in the bag, so you can grab these balls. It's like a self massage thing.

So, wherever you feel the pains, suppose you have pains here. I'm just keeping that ball there. Okay, and holding, leaning against the wall. Roll up, down, or sideways. That will help to reduce muscle tension, as well as, to increase flexibility of the muscle.

For example, if you have pain in your hip muscles, side of hip muscle, just keep it and sit on it. That will help to reduce the tension. Or in your hamstrings, just keep it there, and lean on it. That helps to reduce tension in your muscles, and will help to release the trigger points as well.