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What is Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that aims to improve body awareness, movement patterning, postural alignment, breathing, balance, flexibility and strength, and overall improves how you move and engage your body. Pilates is also excellent for improving fitness, athletic performance, injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Pilates can be done in many ways, whether with just an exercise mat on the floor, or on a pilates specific machine such as the reformer.

You might have heard people do Pilates to improve their core strength, although many pilates exercises focus on core strengthening, Pilates actually targets your whole body. These exercises are usually performed in a slow controlled manner, focussing on the quality of the entire movement instead of getting your body from point A to B.

How do we use Pilates at My Physio My Health?

At the clinic, we incorporate Pilates into your treatment journey through a number of different ways, for example:

  1. Teaching you how to engage your core or move your pelvis through basic Pilates exercises during treatment
  2. Prescribing Pilates based home exercises in between treatment sessions
  3. Doing Pilates in an individual exercise class
  4. Doing Pilates in a group exercise class

The type of Pilates we use as physiotherapists is clinical Pilates. There are some important differences between what we do in the clinic and pilates done at fitness studios. See below to learn about the differences between the two!

Clinical Pilates vs Studio Pilates

Clinical pilates differs from studio pilates in that clinical pilates is typically performed by qualified physiotherapists (or other allied health professionals), whereas studio pilates is conducted by a pilates instructor. Physiotherapists have expert knowledge in anatomy, pathology, injury and body functions. Clinical pilates is actually one of the many treatment methods physiotherapists use to help patients reduce pain, recover from injuries, prevent injuries, or achieve whatever goals the patient has. In this setting, the physiotherapist can utilise pilates based exercises that are specifically targeted for your injuries and needs. This is especially important if you have a history of injuries such as low back pain, whiplash or recovering from surgery!

Book an Initial Assessment

If you wish to start pilates with us, a physiotherapist will see you for an initial assessment to understand your needs and injuries. From there if it is clinically appropriate, you will undergo around three to six individual exercise sessions where your physiotherapist will teach you the specific pilates exercises and allow you to become familiar with them. After that you may choose to join one of our group exercise classes (typically consisting of four or less patients each with their own exercise programs, along with one supervising physiotherapist). No two injuries are the same, that is why every patient has their individual exercise programs prescribed by their physiotherapist, and this program is continually monitored and modified as required. Group classes are an excellent option for those who wish to do clinical pilates on a regular basis. Book in with us today if you want to get out of pain and achieve your goals using pilates.

In the Instagram post below see one of our patients who is managing her low back pain with clinical Pilates.