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What is Achilles tendinopathy?

The Achilles tendon is the biggest and strongest tendon in your body, connecting your calf to the back of your heel. When your calf activates, the Achilles tendon pulls your heel upward, making your toes point down, which is an important movement in running, jumping, climbing and other common activities. When the Achilles is overloaded, it can suffer from painful inflammation. Prolonged Achilles tendinopathy can lead to long term degenerative changes that will eventually become incurable. Due to this, it is recommended to seek assistance for this condition as early as possible.


Tendons have a specific load capacity that determines both their ability to sustain activity for long period and to resist sudden, powerful movements. Through exercise and training, the load capacity can increase. However, if the Achilles is exposed to greater stresses than it can handle (i.e. a sudden increase in running), then it can react aggressively.


Achilles tendinopathy generally presents simply as pain with accompanied thickening in the Achilles region. Pain is generally worse during and/or following activity.

How My Physio My Health treats this condition

Our physiotherapist team treats Achilles tendinopathy comprehensively, ensuring your optimal recovery. Following an assessment, your physiotherapist may advise a short period of rest from activity before commencing exercises designed to strengthen the tendon and rebuild its load capacity. Your physiotherapist will incorporate hands-on therapy including massage and joint mobilisation to assist in pain management and increase effective movement. Depending on the presentation, your physiotherapist may also decide to incorporate treatments such as ultrasound or shockwave therapies. Lastly, your physiotherapist may recommend taping or orthotics to assist foot positioning.

If you suspect you may have Achilles Tendinopathy or are experiencing similar symptoms, please book with our physio team.

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