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What is Sever’s Disease?

In the developing child or teenager, there are growth plates located near the end of long bones which determine future length and shape of the mature bone. There is a growth plate located in the heel bone which can be source of pain for children aged between 10 to 12 years old especially for those who are physically active. This is attributed to the repetitive stress placed onto the growth plate in the heel bone causing it to become inflamed.


  • Poor footwear (e.g poorly cushioned)
  • High physical and sporting activity which involve repetitive running/jumping
  • Weakness in ankle muscles
  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Biomechanical
  • Obesity
  • Calf muscle or Achilles tendon tightness

Symptoms of Sever’s Disease

  • Limping walking pattern
  • Increased pain when putting weight through feet, running or jumping
  • Reduced ankle range of motion, especially ankle dorsiflexion (bending ankle upwards)
  • Tight/stiff calf muscles
  • Tenderness when touching heel on the inside/outside

Management (what we can do at My Physio My Health for Sever’s Disease)

Treatment for this condition is dependent on the severity of the patient’s symptoms.

  • Our physiotherapists will provide advice and education on activity modification. For instance, to avoid running and/or cease sports to allow inflammation in growth plate to subside.
  • Joint mobilisation. Ankle stiffness can be a contributing factor or a symptom of Sever’s Disease. Therefore, our physiotherapists can help aid in restoring proper ankle mobility.
  • Exercise Prescription. Depending on our assessment findings, stretching/strengthening will be prescribed by our physiotherapists to target specific structures that are contributing to Sever’s Disease.
  • Orthotics/footwear. Our clinics are equipped with footwear and insoles (such as heel raisers) which will decrease the stress going through the developing growth plate in the heel.

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