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Last weekend, a large group of our Physiotherapists undertook Advanced level of Dry Needling course run by Jorgen Forsberg, who has been running this course for more than 20 years.

Through this course, our Physiotherapists had an opportunity to learn dry needling/ intramuscular manual therapy largely used in Western Medicine. It is a technique where number of “dry” needles are inserted in the skin, targeting a specific region in the muscle and trigger points. The filament needle is a fine, thin one, and the process is called “dry” because it does not include additional medication or injections.

Dry needling is mainly used to alleviate body pains and musculoskeletal conditions, greatly helping with mobility and muscle restoration. It can also aid with stressed muscles, soreness, neck pain, arthritis, back pain, and also headaches and similar irritations. Most physiotherapists combine it with one-one-one sessions or group exercise programs

If you or someone you know is experiencing the issues mentioned above, visit one of our locations. We have trained physiotherapist at all our locations and they would be able to help you relieve the pain and help you achieving your health goals.