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Book an Ergonomic assessment for your employees in Adelaide

An ergonomics assessment is performed by occupational therapists who assess several key factors that may impact an employee’s ability to work comfortably. Careful analysis of a person’s workstation helps ensure a design that minimizes injury, reduces fatigue and maximizes productivity.

We also provide a detailed ergonomic report which highlights improvements that have been made and recommendations for future management. These include advice and self-management strategies to help employees manage their pain and stay pain-free.

Benefits of an Ergonomics Assessment

  • Increase your productivity safely
  • Improve postural awareness at the workstation
  • Reduce workplace injuries such as tendinitis and repetitive strain injuries
  • Reduction in poor workstation setup, poor postural habits and repetitive movements
  • Improve efficiency without endangering staff health
  • Home visits available.

To enquire about an ergonomics assessment or to book an appointment please call My Physio My Health - Holden Hill on (08) 8266 7333 or My Physio My Health - Lightsview on (08) 7009 4422.

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