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Foot and ankle injuries

A common complaint we see in the clinic. In the early phase of an injury our focus is to reduce pain and restore normal mobility through the foot and ankle. However, once your pain is gone, your journey is not complete. Ankle injuries are highly likely to reoccur if we don’t undergo proper rehab. Often, poor strength and control of the lower limb can lead to recurrent injuries and ankle instability. Proper rehab after an ankle injury is crucial for optimal recovery and prevention‼️

If you are dealing with a current ankle injury, or have a history of ankle injuries, a physiotherapist will identify contributing factors and develop a management plan that allows you to recover and prevent injuries. Here are some more advanced exercises that we can use in the clinic to assess your ankle (and overall whole body) stability, and they are also great for late stage rehab and prevention.

Don’t let ankle injuries stop you from doing what you love, and don’t wait for injuries to build up before you do something about it.