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Do you squat/land like this? Do you have knee pain when you’re running or walking?

Generally speaking, it is better to squat/land with your knees aligned over your second toe. When you squat and your knees cave in towards each other, it might mean your glutes (specifically the gluteus medius muscle) are not doing their job well. This can lead to knee irritation and pain, and increases your risk of injury!

Here are two effective exercises that activate and strengthen your glutes, which will in turn help you develop better knee control.

Banded crab walk

Loop a light resistance band around the balls of your feet, go into a shallow squat, and slowly step sideways.

Banded elevated glute bridge

Rest your upper back on a chair/bench, loop a light resistance band above your knees, squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up.

The key to these exercises is tracking your knees outwards, line them up over your second toe, and not let them cave inwards. You should feel the contraction at the sides of your hips/glutes. To make them easier do them without the resistance band.

Better glutes = healthy knees. If you want to get on top of your knee issues, make sure you book in with us at the clinic.