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Good day guys, it's Ian at Physio again. Today I just wanted to quickly chat about shoes or things to look for in shoes or footwear.

Three key things to look for when you're buying a pair of thongs or shoes. The first is that it wraps around your heels, there's something to hold on to your heel. The second thing is the arch support and the last thing is that it bends at your toes, that all. 'Cause when you walk you need to be able to push off your toes and also when your foot hits the ground you need something to hold on to that heel as well and to have that arch support.

Fortunately we have Archies at the clinic which tick all three boxes. A common issue we see in the clinic is heel pain and often it likes the shoes that you're wearing and often is because you don't have that element of support around your heel, in the arch and that ability to push off while you're walking around as well. So something to keep, to think about next time as well.