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G'day guys, it's Ian the Physio. One of the many services we provide here is Cupping Therapy. And a common question we get asked is if Cupping Therapy will help you in your condition. So, Cupping Therapy uses a vacuum, the vacuum effect, using silicone cups. And it's pretty good for getting a deep tissue release on those sore, tight backs and necks really. Pretty much, our therapists are specifically trained how to use cups for Cupping Therapy.

So, definitely chat with your physio whether it's something that might be beneficial for you to use on your back. One of the common questions we get about Cupping Therapy is does it hurt? And it's generally quite comfortable. It should feel like a deep massage, is what we often say and describe to people.

Another common thing that we see, or get asked about cupping, is the marks on your skin. You can get some red marks on your skin, but that should fade over the next few days. That's very normal to experience that with Cupping Therapy.