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Face Masks Now Mandatory

Mandatory mask use including staff and patients

If you do not have a mask, please ask our staff for one.

From 12.01 am 1 December 2020, all people in health care settings must wear a single-use surgical mask (covering mouth and nose) at all times when in the physical presence of other people on the premises.

The Emergency Management (Public Activities No 13) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 includes details around mandatory mask use in health care settings.

All people in health care settings are required to wear a mask while in the physical presence of other people. This includes:

  • Care providers
  • Patients
  • Clients
  • Residents
  • Administrative and other staff
  • Employees
  • Visitors
  • Students
  • Contractors and
  • Any other person present on site

We care for our staff, our clients and our SA community!!