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Hi, my name is Michaela, and today I'm gonna show you two simple glute strengthening exercises that you can do. So the first one is a bridge. So you're lying down on your back, just like this.

You wanna make sure that your back is nice and flat up against the bed to get your glutes engaged, and it's very simply. You're just gonna push through your heels, nice and slow. Lift your bottom up off the bed and squeeze those glutes at the top. Then coming down nice and slow. So that's the first one, that's called the bridge.

The second one is clams. So you're gonna lie on your side for this one, okay. You wanna make sure that you're right over on your side, that it's about 90 degrees angle on your knees, 45 in the hips, and then basically just gonna, again, squeeze your heels together and then just lift that top leg, squeezing that glute on the side, and then lowering it down slowly.