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Is Your Pillow Giving You a Sore Neck

G'day guys, it's Ian, the Physio, here. A common thing we see in the clinic is when people wake up with a sore neck. It could be your pillow.

Something to think about is that the height of your pillow and the position that you sleep in at night. So if you sleep on your back a lot you tend to want to have a bit of a lower pillow, something that's not going to push your head forward. But if you do sleep on your slide a lot, potentially having a higher pillow can help as well, 'cause again if the pillow is a bit too low the head tends to kink off to one side. So having something a bit thicker and a bit higher like the latex pillows we have here, can often be beneficial.

If you are having problems sleeping at night, constantly waking up with a stiff or sore neck, definitely bring it up with your Physio, and they'll assess you and potentially recommend a pillow that's right for you.