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Hi, this is Antwan from Holden Hill. Today I want to talk about sitting posture. We all sit at our desks for eight to ten hour shifts and actually, we don't really move as much.

The best thing we can do, every single hour, you need to stand up and move around your desk station. Sitting posture, as you see me now, you sit down, sitting back on my chair. It's a really nice ergonomic chair. My arms should be resting on the desk here. Elbows should be, about 90 degrees along my elbow. So at the moment I'm not really activating the muscles around my shoulder.

Looking straight ahead. I have that neutral position, around my neck and my back. Not really tucking my chin forward. Just backward, and relaxing all the muscles around my neck and my back.

Resting on my back, on the back rest, so I'm very efficient with muscle usage.

The keyboard and mouse are within my hands reach. The screen itself, actually, at the level of my eyes. Slightly above, that's fine. As long as I'm not really looking down. I'm just looking straight ahead. So that's all about it.

I hope you have a good day. And if you have any advice, just ring us at Holden Hill.