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Hey guys, Justin here to talk about PFJ Syndrome. You've probably heard about it, you might have it. It's essentially when the kneecap here, most people know where the kneecap is in the knee, is tracking a little bit off-centre and there's a couple of causes for this but one of the main causes can be timing of the outside part of your thigh as opposed to the inside.

Outside is your vastus lateralis, inside is your vastus medialis muscles and these muscles all join together via the tendon here patella, tendon, and join to your kneecap and cause it to track a little bit to the side. This can result in a bit of rubbing and pain on the inside of the knee, under the kneecap.

So this is a foam roller here. It's a little tool that we have in a lot of physio practices and you can use it to do self message at home. So a really easy way to do this, put it on the ground, come into your elbow, I use the opposite knee for a post and I just roll down the side of my leg until I find tight spots and go up and down like this.

This is good for the ITB, the outside and then if you want to come on the 45, you get right into that vastus lateralis muscle that causes all the problems with the PFJ Syndrome.