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Healthy Choices

Firstly, there is no right or wrong answer here because this phrase can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people so let’s break it down.

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word healthy is defined as “in good physical and mental condition; in good health” but what does that look like? Does it mean running 10 kilometers everyday or taking a break at work to have lunch? Although the dictionary has a nice definition for us healthy is still a subjective term which requires further interpretation as what you deem as being “healthy” may be very different to what someone else deems “healthy”.

Your Choices Determine your Future

This is where the choice’s part comes in. We all have choices, choices we make based on lifestyle, knowledge, background, present moment, past experience, likes and dislikes. For example, you had a choice to read this blog. No one forced you (if they did, I am sorry), no one gave you an ultimatum to read it (again, sorry if they did), you chose to read it (and that I thank you for) that was your choice. The choices you make determine how you feel and what you achieve either long or short term. When it comes to physical or mental health almost everyone is obsessed about making the “healthy” choice but as we have already discovered the “healthy” choice is not always a clear cut answer.

Healthy is Subjective

Since we could comprehend words and form sentences we have been exposed to other people’s ideas of “healthy choices”. Your parents may have told you that finishing your vegetables would make you healthy. At school a teacher may have said that certain foods are the unhealthy foods and in order to be healthy you should avoid them. As you got older someone on the internet may have said that they only eat brown foods because they are cleaner and therefore healthier. The takeaway from this is that these are all different individuals’ subjective opinions of what is a healthy choice. What is a “healthy” choice changes from person to person. What might be a healthy choice for your parents may not be for you and that can make choices confusing, misunderstood and complex which can potentially have greater impacts on our minds and bodies than intended.

The Right Information

At this point you are probably thinking “but hold on I know vegetables are healthy for me I have been taught that my whole life” and that’s okay what is more important is how you use that information because that is a choice and the choices you make are what impact you. The bottom line is in today’s world we are constantly thrown messages on how to eat, move, sleep, relax and drink that purse health and “healthy” choices but none of that matters if its not the right information for you and what is right for you may not be right for the next person standing in line. So, the next time you hear of something being a healthy choice take it with a grain of salt because only you know you and what your body needs.

Consult a Dietitian

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant mixed signals and want some help understanding you and your choices then book a consultation with our resident dietitian,  Jess Koznedelev.

Our one-on-one dietitian services provide personalised, evidence based advice and help you create a roadmap that fits your lifestyle and needs.