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Perfect your Posture

Hi, this is Antwan from Holden Hill. Today I want to talk about sitting posture. We all sit at our desks for eight to ten hour shifts and actually, we don’t really move as much…

Cupping Therapy

G’day guys, it’s Ian the Physio. One of the many services we provide here is Cupping Therapy. And a common question we get asked is if Cupping Therapy will help you in your condition…

Choosing footwear

Good day guys, it’s Ian at Physio again. Today I just wanted to quickly chat about shoes or things to look for in shoes or footwear. Three key things to look for when you’re buying a pair of thongs or shoes…

The Crocodile Exercise

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m here to show you an exercise called the crocodile that I give out to a lot of clients that might suffer from upper back stiffness, for example, they’re sitting at the desk all day at work…

Hamstring Strains

Hey guys, Justin here. Today I wanted to talk to you about hamstring strains. They’re a very common injury. They happen to sportspeople quite a lot, and they’re primarily caused by imbalance between the quadriceps…

Glute Activation Exercise

Hi, my name is Michaela, and today I’m gonna show you two simple glute strengthening exercises that you can do. So the first one is a bridge. So you’re lying down on your back, just like this…